Button Life Cycling Tester



This machine is suitable for the life test of keyboard, note book keyboard, mobile phone, calculator, e-book, electronic dictionary, game handle, remote control and other keys, especially for the life test of silicone rubber keys.

Main Features

●The machine is driven by Panasonic ® servo motor + Shimpo ® planetary reducer, low noise and durable.

●The machine adopts the load adjustment probe strike button, and is equipped with a special probe load correction platform and electronic scale to adjust the load adjustment probe output, which can accurately control the strike force and truly reflect the mechanical fatigue life of the key.

●The machine is supported by Japanese THK ® high steel bearing steel, driven by Japanese THK® linear bearing, and durable; the test table is made of aluminum, anodized, wear-resistant and textured, with porous holes for keyboard clamping and positioning.

●The maximum strike speed can reach 360 times / min, which greatly improves the test efficiency and shortens the test time; 15 load adjustment probes can be configured, which can be purchased separately according to the needs; 5 fixed rods can be configured, which can be purchased separately according to the needs.

●Adopt Omron ® 7 "TFT color touch screen + Mitsubishi ® PLC control, Chinese and English operation interface, two kinds of test modes: continuous test mode -- fast continuous test mode; intermittent test mode -- meet the requirements of holding time test of button down, which can be set to 0.1-99.99sec holding time of button down and 0.1-99.99sec holding time of rising (the pressure head leaves the button). The test times can be set from 0 to 9999999, with power down memory function and automatic shutdown when the set times are reached. Test speed: 60-360 times / min for continuous test mode and 5-100 times / min for intermittent test mode.

●Which can move back and forth, the probe can move left and right, and it can basically measure the key at any position.

●Use digital altimeter to display the change value of platform height adjustment, intuitive and accurate.


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