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Recently,ITM-LAB Machine exported a whole batch of equipment to a well-known customer laboratory in the United Satates,It has arrived at the customer laboratory safely and was delivered for use.

This batch of equipment includes Constant Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber, Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Automatic Plug-in Force Tester, Automatic Drop Tester, Drop Ball Impact Tester, XYZ Auto Force Tester, Vibration Testing Machine, Standard Dust Tester, etc.

DONGGUAN ITM-LAB MACHINE INC. was founded in 1998, The company headquarters is located in Dongguan city Guan Dong province.DongGuan ITM-LAB Machine Inc. has been specializing in developing, production, marketing and mainte- nance of all kinds of testing machines.

In 24 years, we have been focused on products' reliability test and automated test. We've widely received favorable response from our customers, and we became core supplier of famous brands in succession, including APPLE,AMAZON, GOOGLE, INTEL, BEATS, FOXCONN, LITEON, ZTE, OPPO, TCL, GREE and SONY, etc. Our equipment is also sold throughout the world, to Europe, The Middle East, South America, North America and Southeast Asia and so on.

Our products are used in such fields as testing for mechanics; weather withstanding of diverse materials; package testing; furniture testing; electronic and electrical product testing; tape and rubber testing; shoes and leather product testing; reliability testing for IT digital products (such as mobile phones, notebook, and computer accessories).

Whether mechanical property testing, touch screen performance testing, package testing, environment aging testing or visual inspection, equipment researched and developed by DONGGUAN ITM-LAB MACHINE INC. all reaches the industry's top level in software control, structure design, ergonomics, product's ease of use, repeatability and accuracy.We successively attained CMC, CE and ISO and other certifications; we obtained more than ten patents . Our company was publicly listed in Shenzhen Qianhai Equity Transaction Center in May of 2014, and the Qianhai Equity Transaction Code is 663541.

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