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1. Simulate the environmental test of the constant temperature chamber under the condition of natural convection and no external air supply.

2. The temperature inside the chamber is adjusted in PID mode.

3. Chamber temperature range: room temperature +3℃~70℃.

4. With a test piece placement platform with adjustable position, grid structure.

Objects to be tested:

Raiator modules, servers, desktops, laptops, game consoles, Power supply, LED and other electronic products, Technical Parameter.

1. The chamber body is made of metal frame and 20 mmt transparent plastic plywood, Installed on the trolley frame with brake swivel wheel.

2. Internal dimensions of the chamber: W600xD800xH1200mm,

3. There is a side door on the front and rear sides for the entrance and exit of the test piece, Reference door dimensions W600xH800mm and W370xH760mm.

4. There are ventilating orifice plates on the upper and lower plates, which can be removed and replaced to allow air convection and maintain the temperature gradient in the temperature chamber.

5. The platform is placed horizontally on two floors,grid structure, each floor is composed of 10 independent horizontal bars.

In the horizontal position 30 cm stage height adjustable position setting, the horizontal bar is detachable.

6. Chamber heating heater, with thermal isolation safety cover.

7. Room temperature +3℃~70℃.

8. A set of 2-point average temperature display and control unit is attached.

9. A 9-point temperature measurement report is attached when leaving the factory, Temperature uniformity: The heater is above 40cm, 50% of the central space, and the standard deviation between the measured temperature at each point and the average temperature at 9 points is <2℃.

70℃, the standard deviation between the measured temperature at each point and the average temperature at 9 point is<3 ℃.

10. With a universal power socket.

11. Satety device: with a protection temperature switch and a system-wide over-temperature power cut-off device, which can be reset manually.

12. Power supply: AC220V, single-phase,20A.

13. Dimensions: W1000xD960xH1600mm.

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