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The most beautiful flowers are only for you, the most mellow wine is only for you the deepest love is only for you, and the sincerest greetings are only for you. Goddess Festival is coming. I wish you a happy day, a smile, and beauty!

I wish you to be proud as lion,to be gentle as a maiden, May you always have light in your eyes and flowers in your hands.

Wonmen who are busy and rush for life on weekdays, in such festivals, when they have time to calm down and take stock of their winters and summers, there will be more or stories in their hearts about women themselves.

it's another year of spring, and in this beautiful spring season, we usher in our own festival- the 112th international Women's Day! All the female compatriots of ITM-LAB put down their busy work, talked about their about their dreams of life together, listened to beautiful stories together, and spent a beautiful afternoon with laughter and lauthter.

women are beautiful elves, industrious idols, messengers of peace, incarnations of wisdom, and heroes who create a new century. We need to constantly learn, enterprising and self-improvement to meet the challenges of the times!

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